This month marks the last month of my pregnancy, and I have been thinking about what I will do with space on my mother’s day. That is OK because I have decided to make the most of the opportunity. I am going to take care of my mother in every way possible.

The first thing I will do on Mother’s Day is to give my mother an ultrasound so she can see her baby for herself. She will be ecstatic that her baby is coming. She will feel like the luckiest woman in the world. She deserves it, and I will do everything I can to show her how much I love her. My goal is to make sure she will tell everyone she knows about her happy news.

I know some women will be surprised that their new baby will not be moving all that quickly. For others, حوامل may be more than a little jealous. Regardless, I want to make sure that I do not make it seem like I am a burden to my mother. I want my mom to know that I do not need to make me feel bad or anything.

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The second thing I am going to do on Mother’s Day is to gift my mother a picture of my new baby. I want to see my new baby in a tiny drawing by myself. I will hang a beautiful photo frame in my room and give my mother the best Mother’s Day gift. It will be the best birthday present I could have ever thought of. I just know it.

The third thing I am going to do on Mother’s Day is to cook her favorite meal. If she loves a particular recipe, I will gladly try it. My goal is to be able to impress her and give her a great mother’s day present.

Fourth, I am going to decorate my mother’s room lovingly. I will buy her flowers in a bunch of different colors. I will add lots of fresh roses to her plants. I want her to feel that she has already done something special for me.

Fifth, the fifth thing I am going to do on Mother’s Day is laugh. The good news is that I know my mother will enjoy the presents I bring her, but she will also enjoy my silly antics. I plan to tell jokes and tell hilarious stories that she will love to hear.

She deserves to spend the day with someone who makes her feel special. That someone will be me. I will make sure I tell her all about my particular date with her mom, and I will make sure she will remember every detail of that particular day.