Alcoholics Anonymous International has been a successful organization since 1940. There are several meetings held regularly worldwide to help alcoholics overcome their addiction to alcohol. The association is also there to help the alcoholic cope with the side effects of alcohol abuse and offer facilities for their alcohol-dependent friends and family members. The Anonymous group has six official international headquarters located in London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Australia.

I had a friend who attended an alcoholics forum with his grandmother once, and she told me that she had enjoyed the experience. Alkohol She would drink herself under the table after meals, but when it was time to have a meeting, she would volunteer to be the one to call on fellow alcoholics for assistance.

One of her most memorable stories involved her teenage son. He had been a troubled young man, suffering from problems at home and in school. He went into drinking to deal with emotional problems that he had not been able to handle. His grandmother always tried to talk him into staying away from alcohol, but he would hang out with his friends, who would give him a beer and shot cigarettes, which was not sufficient to make him feel better. He would then visit a substance abuse counselor to get help for his addictions.

After seeing a counselor, his mother discovered that her son was suffering from substance abuse and started with him to find out his problem. He had no fundamental social skills whatsoever and could not even hold a conversation without having somebody show him how to do it. After seeing a psychologist, his mother realized that alcoholics needed help building up their social skills and finding support for the things they were doing that made them feel bad, like drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the largest networks of alcoholics. The AA has 12 step programs, twelve principles, and Twelve Basic Steps that people can abide by to get their lives back on the right path. People who are alcoholics will need to attend meetings at least three times a week for a minimum of two hours to be sober. Substance abuse is a mental health condition, and it needs to be treated as such. People who go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings show their commitment to their core competencies in recovery from substance abuse, mental health, and addiction.

The term “we” is used for everyone who attends meetings and the administrative staff. This terminology is a point of contention within the community and even within the organization and has caused people to leave the program because of the hurt and pain that this terminology causes.

Many people who have attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings claim “different” after being admitted into the program. Many claims that the term “we” is not helpful when discussing addiction or recovery. “We” are alcoholics who have a specific problem; they have contaminated psychological and physical symptoms due to substance use, which are recognized as patterns of behavior that make them ill-equipped to handle their life and relationships. We don’t believe that it is our fault that we have contaminated our mental, physical, and emotional health; it is not something we have done or are responsible for. It is something that coasinates itself in our bodies over time.

Why The Alcoholics Forum is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations experiencing substance abuse or addiction. The Alcoholics Anonymous Mutual Help Programs can be a great starting point for finding out what is needed and getting the treatment that will help your life change for the better. For more information, contact the Special Agent Tony Aceves of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s offices or call the National Rehabilitation Center on Aging at 800-596-7481. You may also contact Youth Services at (571) 619-6268. If you are an Alcoholics Anonymous member in crisis or are aware of one who is, contact law enforcement immediately.