You must consider its features to choose the best Samsung refrigerator for your kitchen. Read this article to learn about Frost-free technology, Bixby voice integration, Energy efficiency, and Glass shelving. It is also essential to consider its price. You can find a list of Samsung refrigerators at In addition, you can check out Samsung’s Facebook page for the latest news.
Moreover, the family hub integrates with other smart appliances, including your refrigerator. The intelligent hub offers a variety of integrated features, including meal planning, keeping your family organized, and controlling the smart home. Quick View lets you see what food is in the refrigerator and plans your meals for you. It also helps you save energy and saves space.
Bixby voice integration

Samsung is expanding the capabilities of its voice-activated Bixby system beyond smartphones and tablets. The company recently unveiled a refrigerator with Bixby voice integration, and the new feature can be found in its Family Hub 3.0 fridge. Though Samsung hasn’t shared the same capabilities as the Bixby voice assistant, consumers can expect it to answer questions personalized to their voice. The fridge will also provide access to information from their smartphones, such as news updates and personal calendars.

While Bixby voice integration is optional, setting preferences is easier. You can use different voices and phrases for the refrigerator to understand you better. Samsung washer repair For example, you can choose between Julia and John to customize the way your voice is spoken. Once you’ve set the voice you want, you can customize the language used by your Bixby to respond to your queries and preferences. The Bixby app also lets you change the voice of the Siri-like feature to respond to various situations, such as a question that requires a response.
Frost-free technology

Energy-efficient refrigeration is one of the most significant benefits of a Frost-free refrigerator. Refrigerator energy efficiency is dependent on several factors. One of these is the cooling technology used. Samsung refrigerators have superior Frost-free technology. The Multi-Flow Technology of the Refrigerator allows cold air to circulate throughout the unit. Air ducts are integrated into the back of the refrigerator, and separate outlets are provided for each shelf. The result is that all food is evenly cooled. That means vegetables placed at the bottom of the Big Box will stay as cold as milk products.

Aside from Frost-free technology, Samsung has also updated its refrigerator line-up this season to include more modern and advanced features. For instance, a Samsung refrigerator with Frost-free technology has a 28 cubic foot interior capacity, which means you can fit 10 percent more groceries into the refrigerator. Another feature is an ice-making dispenser built into the door of the fridge. Those who do not want to deal with the cold ice-making process can still use their refrigerator as a filtered water pitcher.
Energy efficiency

A Samsung refrigerator is not only energy-efficient but also stylish. Its triple-folding shelves allow you to fit large items in the refrigerator, such as a cake. The sleek-edged door handles are fingerprint-resistant. You can also place the fridge anywhere in your kitchen. Samsung’s Energy Star-rated refrigerator has a capacity of 36 cubic feet. The fridge also features a non-plumbed water dispenser. Moreover, it has many other convenient features, including a roomy interior and an in-built ice dispenser.

Compared to other refrigerator brands, Samsung provides energy-efficient models with different features. The FlexZone technology converts the freezer into a refrigerator in just a few seconds. Metal Cooling ensures a uniform temperature inside the refrigerator. Other features of Samsung refrigerators include the Autofill Water Pitcher, which allows you to brew cold tea or blend fruit into the water. It also guarantees cold drinking water. Samsung refrigerators come with Energy Star certification and custom home screens to make your life easier.
Glass shelving

To clean the glass shelves of your Samsung refrigerator, use a damp cloth and wipe them clean. To prevent mold growth, you can also remove them and clean them with soap and water. Replace them once they have dried completely. A Samsung refrigerator usually has a glass shelving that slides out from the back of the unit. To remove the shelves, you must push them forward until they stop sliding. Afterward, you can remove the screws to replace them.

To remove the glass shelves, you need to unscrew the retainer clips. You can unscrew the plastic clips by using a screwdriver or fingers. Remove the shelves from the refrigerator and then place the new ones. Alternatively, you can use pliers to remove the shelves from the fridge. Ensure you clean the area thoroughly before putting new shelves back in. After cleaning the glass shelves, you can put them back in your refrigerator.