When shopping for a new dryer, there are a few different factors to consider. You’ll want to look for features like 4.8 cubic feet of washing space and 14 cycle options, but you also want to consider how energy-efficient it is. Luckily, LG has you covered. The following features are just a few of the many to consider when choosing an LG dryer.

4.8 cubic feet of washing space

When it comes to laundry, nothing compares to an LG dryer. The LG WashTower(TM) washer unit holds 4.5 cubic feet of space and cleans all of your clothing with ease. The TurboWash3D wash technology and SixMotion agitation help remove even the toughest stains from your clothing, while the see-through lid makes sanitizing clothes easy. This LG dryer also has seven cubic feet of space for drying and features the ThinQ Technology, which can be controlled by a mobile phone.

Both the LG washer and dryer have energy-efficient technology, as well as large-capacity drums. LG washer repair The LG washer has between 4.8 and 7.3 cubic feet of washing space. Its dryers have between 6.8 and nine cubic feet of drum space and can dry large loads. You’ll find the LG washer and dryer you need in the price range below.
14 cycle choices

You can find more than one kind of cycle on the LG dryer. You can choose between seven and fourteen cycle choices. In addition to the regular cycles, specialty cycles can be used for delicate clothing or pre-service washing. For instance, you should avoid using the sensor dry cycle when washing delicate fabric. But if you do have this problem, the other types of cycles are available.

Another option is the LG sidekick pedestal washer, a modular model compatible with any LG dryer. It has a capacity of 1.0 cubic feet and is easy to open with a kick. The matching gas dryer for the LG WM9000HVA is the LG DLGX9001V. It features a 9.0 cu. ft. capacity and SmartThinQ technology. Besides that, you can also choose the electric version, the DLEX9000V. It works on 220V electricity.
Wi-Fi capabilities

The LG 7.4-cubic-foot innovative Wi-Fi-enabled electric dryer was designed for maximum convenience, and it boasts intelligent features such as remote start and smartphone apps. This dryer is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and is powered by LG’s SmartThinQ technology, which lets you remotely monitor your clothes’ moisture levels. Its steam-cleaning cycle helps reduce wrinkles and reduces the need for ironing. Its quiet operation means you can use it to dry your clothes anytime you want.

The LG DLEX7800, for example, costs $200 less than the DLEX7800. They are both Energy Star-certified and feature Wi-Fi capabilities, an EasyLoad door, and FlowSense duct clogging indicators. They both have Wi-Fi capabilities, but the DLE7300 does not have the TurboSteam technology, which uses steam to reduce wrinkles and eliminate odors in clothing.
Energy efficiency

The LG EcoHybrid Dryer is the latest demonstration of LG’s commitment to energy efficiency in the home. It is the first commercially available dryer to feature heat pump technology, capturing the energy created during the drying process. This dryer delivers energy savings that rival conventional electric dryers. The EPA has recognized the new dryer as the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year 2014, and LG plans to work with electric utilities and other partners to spread the word about its efficiency.

In addition to its energy efficiency, LG dryers have several innovations that make laundry day a breeze. With the EasyLoad door that opens in two ways, the LG Sensor Dry technology measures the moisture level of your laundry. It adjusts the drying time to a better balance between drying time and energy efficiency. With 7.3 cu. ft. of extra-large capacity, these dryers can save you time and energy while doing laundry.